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Team Associated B5M, T5M & SC5M Race Series NMB Bearing Kit

Team Associated B5M, T5M & SC5M Race Series NMB Bearing Kit



(Actual Kit Contents Shown Above)

Our Race Series bearing kits use genuine NMB branded bearings in all the high speed drivetrain bearing locations. NMB bearings feature a nylon cage along with bigger precision ground steel balls which results in bearings that are smooth, durable and fast. For locations that do not require high speed bearings we use our standard spec bearings for increased resistance to contamination while helping to reduce the overall costs of the bearing kit.

Note: NMB bearings have metal shields on each side of the bearing for the least amount of rolling resistance while providing some protection from larger dirt particles. These bearings are designed for racers looking for the most efficient drivetrain possible without going to a full ceramic bearing. As a result, these bearings are designed to be cleaned and re-oiled on a regular basis for the best performance possible. If you are looking for a low maintenance bearing solution please look at our Elements Series bearing kits.


  • ✔ INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED - Our kits are packaged and labeled by individual sizes to make finding the bearing you need quick and easy!
  • ✔ SUPERB QUALITY - NMB bearings are known world-wide for providing the highest quality, consistency, and value when it comes to bearings. 
  • ✔ LOW ROLLING RESISTANCE - Designed with the racer in mind, these metal shielded bearings protect the bearings from larger debris while reducing bearing drag over traditional rubber seals. As a result these need to be cleaned and re-oiled often for the best performance.
  • ✔ IMPROVES PERFORMANCE - This kit includes low friction bearings in all drivetrain locations for the smoothest rolling drivetrain possible without going to a full ceramic bearing kit. This reduces heat and increases top speed as a result.
  • ✔ FACTORY FIT - The precision fit of our bearings makes for easy replacement to upgrade from your factory included bearings or bushings.



  • Team Associated B5M 
  • Team Associated T5M
  • Team Associated SC5M



  • 5x10x4mm Genuine NMB Bearings (8 Pieces)
  • 3x7x3mm Rubber Sealed Bearings (8 Pieces)
  • 10x15x4mm Genuine NMB Bearings (4 Pieces)
  • 6x12x4mm Genuine NMB Bearings (2 Pieces)
  • 6x13x5mm Genuine NMB Bearings (2 Pieces)

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