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Arrma 1/8 Scale 6s Series Bearing Kit

Arrma 1/8 Scale 6s Series Bearing Kit

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When you're looking for durable bearings that are low in maintenance our Elements Series bearings are what you need. They feature chrome steel construction with durable rubber seals on both sides and are lubricated with a marine grade grease. 

  • ✔ INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED - Our kits are packaged and labeled by individual sizes to make finding the bearing you need quick and easy!
  • ✔ DURABLE YET AFFORDABLE - Our bearings are ABEC 3 rated for a faster rolling bearing and feature chrome steel construction with durable rubber seals on both sides to keep debris out.
  • ✔ LONG LASTING - Fully sealed and lubricated with waterproof marine grade grease these bearings are designed to last much longer than typical metal shielded bearings.
  • ✔ IMPROVES PERFORMANCE - Replacing your worn out bearings reduces friction resulting in more efficiency and run time as well as less wear and tear to other components.
  • ✔ FACTORY FIT - The precision fit of our bearings makes for easy replacement of your factory included bearings.



  • ARRMA 1/8 OUTCAST 6s BLX (ARA106042T1, ARA106042T2)
  • ARRMA 1/8 KRATON 6s BLX (ARA106040T1, ARA106040T2 )
  • ARRMA 1/8 TYPHON 6s BLX (ARA106046, AR106001, AR106013, AR106028) 
  • ARRMA 1/8 SENTON 6s BLX (AR102673, AR102654, AR106007)
  • ARRMA 1/8 TALION 6s BLX (ARA106048, AR106003, AR106014, AR106030)
  • ARRMA 1/8 NOTORIOUS 6S BLX (ARA106044T1, ARA106044T2)
  • ARRMA 1/7 MOJAVE 6S BLX (ARA106058T1, ARA106058T2)

We do not recommend this bearing kit for the LIMITLESS or INFRACTION vehicles due to the speeds of those vehicles. We recommend our Podium Series bearing kits instead which are designed for high speed use.



  • 8x16x5mm (10 Pieces) (Replaces AR610016)
  • 8x19x6mm (2 Pieces) (Replaces AR610017)
  • 15x21x4mm (4 Pieces) (Replaces AR610018)
  • 5x11x4mm (2 Pieces) (Replaces AR610019)
  • 6x10x3mm (4 Pieces) (Replaces AR340067)

Some aftermarket parts may use different sized bearings than what came with the vehicle from the factory.

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