DURALINE V1 Winch Line Kit - 250 LB (Black)

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Like you, we were tired of breaking cheap stock lines that come with the winches and even those fancy fishing lines when we needed them the most. We have even tried the metal winch lines, and they are great until you get poked by it or you need to run your winch line out farther than 3 feet.

We are hard on our equipment just like you. We wanted something we could count on time and time again. So our Silver Series synthetic winch line is made from 1mm thick, 8 strand Dyneema synthetic line with a breaking strength of 250 lbs. And being that it's the same thickness that comes on most winches, installation is easy.


  • 8' length of our 8 Strand Dyneema winch line, rated at 250 pounds breaking strength.
  • Metal Clasp Style Hook
  • Stainless Steel Multi Anchor that can be clipped on for more winching options.
Works With:
Fits any 1/10 scale winch we have tried it on. Some winches may not hold the full 8' of rope, but most do. Can be used with roller or hawse fairleads that are in good condition. Works with SSD, RC4WD, Integy, and other brand winches along with servo winches. You may need to enlarge the hole in the winch drum for easier installation. 

Note: If you do have to cut the rope to size, melt the end after cutting with a flame to keep from unraveling. Make sure to use something very sharp to cut the rope as it's very tough to cut. The clasp hook is rated for 25 pounds, please tie rope directly to the stainless multi anchor for extreme applications.